My 1st short story

Love can’t be forced

One day, in the rainy season, in December, for the first time I saw Matthew worn senior high school uniform. He  come late to school. I saw his eyes, so sharp. He is handsome and cool. He smile to me. My heart was thump quickly. “Matthew, your house is about 100 meters from here. Why did you come be late everyday?” Mr.  DM said. “I woke up late, sir. Pardon me” “OK. Don’t come late again. If you come late I will punish you.” “Thank you, sir.”             He walked and entered his classroom. He is my senior. Since, I met him, I always followed him especially when he went to canteen. I pretend not to saw him. Then, I asked to his friend about his activity after school, his birthday, and of course his telephone number. For the first time, I nervous when I calling him. But, I did it. “Hallo, my name is Hyas. My class is Natural Science Program 2. I wanted to be your friend.” “Hallo Hyas, Nice to hear your voice. I have many friends. If you are wanted to be my friends. It’s okay.” “Thanks.” I was very happy because he answered my telephone. I thought he was a good boy.  I often called his telephone number. He and I talked about many things. Talking about our dreams, our future, our teachers, our school, and others. I remember, when he said he wanted to be a soldier and I wanted to be a doctor. Then, he was at last class. He would follow the final test.  And he graduated from my school. I was so sad because he would leave my school and of course he and I couldn’t meet again. He is my spirit. And every morning I always pray for him. But, he didn’t know how I miss him. Finally, I realized that I loved him. But I didn’t know how to confess my love. I didn’t know how to express my feeling. When I tried to forget him from my mind, he called me back. He asked my condition and my study. I couldn’t believe this. I was really happy. I couldn’t express my feeling at the time. May be I looked like a crazy girl. Since that we becomes a friend .and with a long time I realized that I couldn’t purse my love. So I decided to be a good friend for him. Even thought I couldn’t reach his love.

Love can’t be forced.


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