How to keep Healthy

Actually, how to keep healthy is simple. We just keep eat pattern, doing physical regularly, and sleep with enough quality.

You keep:

1. Eat pattern

2.  Physical regularly

3. Sleep with enough quality

How to keep:

The first is keep eat pattern

  1. Eat food with enough nutrition

Our body needs enough nutrition to keep our immune. Reduce to eat instant food which are contains preservative. Control to eat food which are contains cholesterol, high salt and sugar. Wake up early to have breakfast.

2.   Keep the hygienic of food

3.    Eat regularly

The second is keep physical regularly

  1. Choose what sport do you like
  2. Make the sport schedule
  3. Do it with friends

The third is sleep with enough quality

  1. Avoid to fall asleep
  2. Make the sleep schedule
  3. Sport

Just it, it is easy, isn’t it?


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