My Christmas Story

Christmas is one of the bigger days in Christian. Last year, I celebrated Christmas without my family. I’m very sad. I cried when I remembered my family especially my dad and my mom.

Actually, I have an aunt in Purwakarta. I went there two days before Christmas day. My aunt and I prepare something such as foods, clothes, and others. Christmas coming, we went to the church near my aunt’s house. We sing Christmas carols and pray together. After it, we lunch in small restaurant and back to home. Then I slept and dreamed.

It is the first time I celebrated Christmas without my family. That’s make me very sad. I felt Christmas day in my hometown, I got up early. I saw my sister wearing new dress. I saw my mother prepare our breakfast and she cooked special meat for our lunch too. I saw many cakes and drink on the table. There were many visitors come to our house for saying merry Christmas. And near the window, I saw my father was sitting.

I heard my father talked to our visitors. They are laughing and speak loudly. It’s noisy. I have heard my mother ordered me to take a bath and wearing new dress. I heard my friends called me and they invite me too to come to their house. I heard someone sing Christmas carol from the church.

I smell my mother’s dish, it is a nice smell. I smell fragrant flowers too. The flowers are from our garden, my mother takes it one day before Christmas so it still fresh.

However, it is happened in my dream. I woke up and realized that I have heard the television’s voice and smell my aunt’s cooking.


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