Nobody’s perfect!

Every Child is Special or Taare Zameen Par is a Bollywood movie directed by Aamir Khan and written by Amole Gupte. This is one of many inspiring movies I ever watched. This movie shows how the education system applied in a family and how parents educate their children. Those are the main issues exposed in the movie.

Ram Shankar Nikumbh, a teacher in this movie, makes unique methods to teach children. He teach the children with full of joy and optimism which make the children easy to understand the subject. However, there is one child who does not care about his methods. His name is Ishaan Awasthi (8), who has a disease called dyslexia. It disturbs his brain which causes incapability to detect alphabets.

Ishaan Awasthi is different from his brother who is clever, diligent, tidy, and always be the winner in school. This child has moved twice from school because he is not smart and a troublemaker in his class. He cannot read and count during three years in the class, but he has interests in colors, fish, and kites. His father always forces him to study hard, but he does not care. In their family’s tradition, they must study hard as long as they are young.

To make Ishaan more disciplined, his father put him to dormitory. He does not know that Ishaan has got trauma of being separated from his family. It is the first conflict of the story. In the dormitory, Ishaan meet Ram Shankar Nikumbh who is his teacher. Nikumbh is the first person who knows Ishaan’s disease because he has suffered the same disease when he was a child. Because of the same background, Nikumbh teach Ishaan with patience and care. As time goes by, he knows that Ishaan’s interest is painting. Slowly, he builds up Ishaan’s ability and confidence. He makes him ‘from zero to hero’. Ishaan wins the painting competition organized by his school.

In my humble opinion, the plots of this movie are simple but the message of this movie is meaningful. I think this movie is easy to understand and everyone can watch it. There are many lessons I’ve got from this movie. If I’m a teacher, I can learn how to teach students with patience and care. If I’m a parent, I can learn how to find the potential of my children. And as a child, I learn how to receive the decision of my parents although the decision is hard.

Nowadays, there are so many parents who do not care about their children. They are always busy with their jobs. Sometimes they force their will to their children. In conclusion, many children have bad behaviors. This movie shows us how important is the influence of the parents in our life. Besides, I get the teacher’s influence too. With full of affection, the teacher teaches the child until he succeeds. It contrasts with the recent cases in Indonesia which there are lots of violence between the teacher and the student.

In my opinion, the title shows us that not only every child is special but also every people in this world. They have strength and weakness, they can’t live alone and they need someone to support their life.


2 thoughts on “Nobody’s perfect!

  1. PowerDrome January 20, 2010 / 4:15 am

    You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.

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