I Want to Go Back Home [1]

I come from the most beautiful city as well as I known, Medan. Medan is the capital city of North Sumatera which is the biggest city in Sumatera and the third city in Indonesia. Every year, many people come to Medan especially on July. Why? Because Medan has many course places so many students in Sumatera get course in this city.

Medan has many cultures, they are: Bataknese, Chinese, Javanese, Malay, Hindi, and others. Although Medan has lots of cultures, the people have good tolerances.

Medan have two well-known universities, they are University of North Sumatera (USU) and Medan State University (UNIMED). USU is well-known with medical faculty.

Medan has Masjid Raya Agung, Deli Palace, and Maimum palace. Maimun palace is the places of Sultan Maimun, Malay culture. Besides that, there is a Catholic places too, the named is Graha Maria Annai Velangkani. In Velangkani, we can pray with full of calm. The architecture of this building is beautiful which mix between India and Catholic.

Several hours from Medan, we can see Lake Toba which the biggest Lake in Indonesia. We can enjoy the view of Lake Toba from many towns, for examples we can see it from Brastagi, Balige, Parapat, Silalahi and other. Two hours from Medan, there is small town Brastagi. It is well-known with orange, marquisa, flowers and vegetables.

I spent my childhood in Sidikalang. It is about four hours from Medan.

Sidikalang is capital town of Kabupaten Dairi which prominent citizen are Bataknese and Pakpaknese. In this town, there is a tour object which called Taman Wisata Iman Dairi (TWID). This is the only place which has five religion worship places in Indonesia that are Wihara, Shrine, Mosque, and Church. I think it is a very good place to visit.

Sidikalang is well-known by its coffee. The coffee is very famous in North Sumatera. The people said that Sidikalang’s coffee is nice and aromatic. Planting coffee is the first job of the people there because is the first commodity.

Sidikalang has a dam which named is PLTA Sileu-leu. The dam was made by Korea and Japan. It used as a ‘Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Air’ and recreation.

Sidikalang has kind people so don’t be afraid to come there because the people will help you.

Now, I’m missing my hometown. I’m missing Medan and I want to go back home.


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