Dead Punishment become Political Commodity

Thursday, January 7th, 2010 – 07.25 WIB


Applying  dead punishment as a cruel punishment form and not humanity still be made as political instrument in general election campaign, both in general election 2004 and general election 2009. That issue was used to get the public belief and to increase vote acquisition, both political party and president-vice president candidates.

In President Election 2004, which was followed five candidates, the fifth candidates agreed the application of dead punishment for particular cases. In President Election 2009, which was three candidates; one of president and vice president candidates has opinion that dead punishment can be applied.

Campaigning dead punishment by political parties or president-vice president candidates generally used on particular crime cases such as corruption or terrorism. Dead punishment was used to show that general election participant capable to solve big crime case problems.

However, that assumption is not proven. In fact, intimidation dead punishment cannot press corruption and block people to do corruption. Correlation between dead punishment and lessen corruption level is not happen in country which is succeeded to cut the corruption level.

The sum of dead verdict which is given by Indonesia Jurisdiction Institute in 1998-2009 reaches 119 cases. There are 64 defendants from Indonesia and 55 defendant’s citizen of foreign country, 21 defendants had been executed.

Impartial researcher, Ardi Manto said impartial audience with House of People’s Representative faction period 2009-2014, two factions agree that dead punishment continued, three factions uncertain, and one faction agree that dead punishment eliminated. However, the agreement of faction who want to cut dead punishment contain political because it is not same as their leader attitude. (MZW)


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