Stop Dead Punishment

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010 – 01.25 WIB


Yesterday, the western countries insisted Iraq authority to clean human right infraction note and mistreating which accused by investigating officer. Iraq was requested to stop killing women ethnic and erase dead punishment.

United States of America, Great Britain, Canada, France, and German delegations when present in Geneva yesterday criticize the continuity infraction which happened in Iraq. It became a discussion in Human Right Council, United Nations.

“The mistreating is the causes of concern and impunity cannot be tolerance. We still worry that Iraq defend dead punishment and number of execution increase in two years,” said Peter Gooderham, who is the England ambassador for United Nations in Jenewa.

He insists Iraq to make execution moratorium. 79 people had been hung in Iraq last year. “Almost 900 people waiting dead punishment. France insists Iraq to erase dead punishment and to adopt moratorium as soon as possible,” said the ambassador of France, Jean Baptiste Mattei.

Canada, France and German criticize the killing toward German Delegation, Michael Klepsch. They estimated that this case often happened.

“The political property, attack to journalist and religion pressure had damage the press in this country. This case causes restriction the freedom of argue and expression,” said Klepsch.

In the beginning of speech, Iraq promises to reinforce respect toward human right while ward off “terrorism group” which accused to them. “We are really apprehensive about the time period between verdict and execution,” said Denmark delegation, Julie Garfieldt Kofoed.


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