The efforts to eliminate Corruption late because Law Mafia

Saturday, December 12th, 2009 – 10:26 WIB


It is true that the efforts to drop corruption in Indonesia straight increase since reformation in 1998 shows that world index. However, we cannot deny that the progress is also very late.

President’s residence specialist law staff, Denny Indrayana confesses the late progress of efforts to drop corruption although amount progress should appreciate. According to him, the progress is late because the practical mafia law in Law maintenance institution.

“There is comparative. If we want fair, we reach something but still leave the homework in Law maintenance institution. So, we want to remove law mafia because their assessment which was made our law reformation late, the first caution is the practical of law mafia,” said he in Trijaya FM weekly discussion in Warung Daun Cikini, Saturday (12/12).

Denny said, actually in SBY government had been noted amount progress in eliminating corruption, each of them 138 investigation license for official had been produced and bureaucracy reformation in amount departments. Corruption index increase from 1,7 in 1998 and 2,7 in last year proper appreciated.

Denny continued that Monetary Department capable to save country’s money from illegal bank account around Rp 36 Trillions. However, Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) Law Coordinator, Emerson Yuntho confesses that increase corruption index still far from the hope of nation and state.

Temporary, Emerson said, bureaucracy reformation in government was not work. It is work only in Monetary Department. There is no acceleration bureaucracy reformation in government. “The government did not make anti-corruption regulation as commander for eliminating corruption,” he said explicitly.


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