Century Case Threaten Economy Growth

Monday, December 7th, 2009 16.56 WIB

Jakarta, Kompas.com

Not finishing yet the Bank Century case estimated will influence economy growth 2010. Economists estimate that economy growth in 2010 will be amount 4% if the condition of political not stable yet. That was said by Mirza Adityaswara, who is stock marketing analyst, in Graha Niaga, Jakarta, Monday (7/12). “If (political) still like this the growth 2010 can be number 4 again,” Mirza said.

Mirza explained, next year the current foreign fund short-range will come to Indonesia quickly then put the condition of economy back on its feet. We expect that this term will support economy growth become 5%. However, political condition which is a little bit shaken in this time will give influence for investors and the fund worried will go out from Indonesia quickly too. According to Mirza, this case will press economy growth.

“The coming fund expected can support economy growth amount 5%,” he said. In national budget (APBN) 2010, the government aim economy growth in level 5,5%.

He also predicted that economy growth will more bad if Ministry of Finance, Sry Mulyani Indrawati and Republic Indonesia vice president Boediono withdraw as the impact of that case. “It was not good for economic matters,” he said.


One thought on “Century Case Threaten Economy Growth

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