Faisal Basri: There is Neoliberalism, but…..

Friday, May 29th, 2009 13.14 WIB

Jakarta, Kompas.com

Faisal Basri, who is economy observer from Indonesia University, agreed that concept of neoliberalism economy cannot be allowed in Indonesia. According to him, the concept of neoliberalism economy inappropriate with values which is contained in the Constitution 1945 (UUD 1945).

Faisal said that this concept is not applied in Indonesia, but he agreed if the elements of neoliberalism applied in Indonesia.

“There are the elements of neoliberalism but not generalize all that directly on one regime, so directly called neoliberalism regime,” he said after followed discussion in DPD RI building, Friday (29/5).

Faisal requested people not to grow in over distrust toward the government because the element of free trade. Based on him, the duty of trade is to bring the prosperity for people.

“However, the trade is unauthorized. Because of that, it must be handled of the government. If the market is more and more unauthorized, the handle of government must be strengthened,” Faisal said.


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