Economy Restoration Convinced Keep Rise

February 15th, 2010 10.06 WIB, Jakarta

The government optimistic that Indonesia’s economy restoration keeps rises as long as 2010. To support it, the government has prepared strategies to keep macro economy stability. It was said by Sri Mulyani Indrawati, who is the Minister of Financial, in Jakarta, yesterday.

The government is aiming for economy growth around 5 percent in 2010. This grade rises if compared with economy growth in 2009 which was 4, 5 percent. According to her, economy restoration signal has been seen since the beginning of this year.

“Economy growth mark was outside prediction of the economy and the government institution. Increase was very high. This momentum will keep preserve by the government,” Sri Mulyani said.

The Minister of Financial added that besides export indicator, foreign exchange reserve rise too. Now, Indonesia’s foreign exchange reserve close US$ 70 billion. The mark of foreign exchange rise compared with the end of 2009 which was only US$ 55 billion.


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