About Education Estimate, People can Go through Law Process


March 16, 2010 by hyas_tina

Friday, January 25th, 2008 21:19 WIB

Jakarta, Friday [www.google.com]

The member of X commission of House of Representative from PDI-Perjuangan fraction, Wayan Koster said that teachers and society unsure which were not satisfied with the condition of education estimate can go through law process.

They can accuse the Local Regulation about local budget through Supreme Court. He gives an accusation example which was done by people to national budget through Constitution Court that is 2006 national budget and 2007 national budget legislation which was accused by IPSI and PGRI.

Wayan also gave appreciation for teachers, student’s university, and another society unsure which was have the attention to education especially the attention for the decrease of education estimate which was allocated in local budget as in Merangin regency, Jambi.

Separately, Vice Coordinator Education Forum Yanti Sriyulianti said that the protest of the teachers should be increased the government awareness and representative in parliament about how important the meaning of education in society, on Friday (25/1).

According to Yanti, the decrease of education estimate significantly reflected unjustness.


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