The Minister of National Education: National Examination still Implemented

Thursday, November 26th, 2009 21:22 WIB, Jakarta

The ministry of National Education, Muhamad Nuh explains that the government still implements National Examination 2010. Previously, Supreme Court publish the highest court beyond which there is no appeal verdict jurisdictions which was rejected the government request related National Examination. As long as National Examination done, National Examination had valued not fair one of the reasons is because the passing grade similarities in all regions.

According to him, the Court of First Instance verdict was not explicitly declared about National Examination prohibiting. The verdict only ordered the accuser to upgrade teacher’s quality, the completeness of education means and infrastructure also information access.

Public opinion and students about National Examination was also pro-contra. Some of them agreed with National Examination erasing, but many of them agreed that National Examination still implemented.

Previously, National Examination was accused by Kristiono and others because they valued that National Examination passing grade very emphasize students. In village and city, many of students got depression because National Examination felt as disgraceful verdict.

As a result, many sides permit all of ways to face National Examination, included leak the answer of test as done by teachers in Medan while doing the examination in 2009. Moreover, many of students try to kill their selves or burn their school because they were not passed.

Some education specialist valued that National Examination had broken justice principle. National Examination only uses to measure system, mapping, and selection for enter university; it was not measure the education qualities.


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