Malaysia Claims Indonesia Culture Product Again

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009 12:29 WIB, Jakarta

Pendet Dance, which comes from Bali, is a traditional dance which was be a part of Pulau Dewata’s special characteristic. This dance is one of magnets for local and foreign tourists. Indeed, Pendet Dance becomes integral part and it’s difficult separated for Pulau Dewata tourism.

However, in Malaysia Truly Asia 2009 advertisement, Pendet Dance picture and another Balinese special characteristic become a part of Malaysia tourism promotion.  This advertisement often presented in numbers of international television networks.

This new Malaysia claim out of blue becomes an Indonesian hot issue. In social networks such as facebook and twitter, this topic becomes news which has most attention.

This was not for the first time Malaysia claimed culture product of Indonesia. Not only batik and Rasa Sayange song, a numbers of culture products from Indonesian creativity also was claimed as Malaysia culture product. One of them is Reog Ponorogo.


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