Woman’s Memory is Stronger

Wednesday March 17th, 2010 13:14 WIB

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta

Woman’s memory is stronger than man. Besides, the remembering capacity of woman tends to increase along with age increase. Otherwise, the remembering capacity of men is decrease.

The researcher has not find yet the certain cause why women’s memory is stronger. However, according to the researcher, this case is related to estrogen role.

In this study, the researcher examined the memory ability of 10.000 men and women which are the participants of long research about health, education, and relationship. The participants come from Scotland, England and Welsh.

Data record and the development of participants had been followed since they born in the same week at 1958. At the age of 50, the researcher of University Of London Education requested them to follow memory test and set of experiment. Initially, they were requested to listening ten words everyday and gave them two minutes to remember the words as much as possible. Five minutes later, they were requested to list the ten words again.

The result showed that women’s ability in mentioning words as much as possible is 5 percent higher than man and listing the words back 8 percent higher than man. The researcher, Prof. Jane Elliot said that the difference of the result still the same after considering to the other factors such as health and education.

This result is very interesting because it is consistent after we considered with the smoking factor and kind of participants jobs,” Elliot said which was quoted in dailymail.co.uk site.


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