Jero Wacik: Malaysia must apologize

Monday, August 24th, 2009 @20:52, Jakarta

The Indonesian government through The Ministry of Cultural and Tourism insist the Malaysian government to apologize relating to Pendet dance claim. The apologizing should be done officially. It was delivered by The Minister of Cultural and Tourism, Jero Wacik, in press conference in Jakarta, Monday (24/8).

Furthermore, Jero Wacik said that the  Indonesian government also insists Malaysia to stop presenting of their tourism promotion advertisement which showed Pendet dance. The advertisement indirectly recognized Pendet dance as Malaysia’s culture.

Relating to the sanction of Malaysia’s claim, Jero Wacik said that bilaterally Indonesia-Malaysia actually have Emanent Person Group (EPG) agreement. The agreement consists of steps which should be attacked if a dispute happened.

However, EPG agreement is only a note. It’s mean that Indonesia cannot give law sanction because there is no clear or written agreement.


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