A Report

Sanata Dharma University is located in Yogyakarta. One of the majors in Sanata Dharma is English Literature. English literature is one of the good majors which got A accreditation. The number of active students in English Literature is about 584 students and the number of the lectures is about 20 lectures. The total of credit which should taken by students is 147 credits which 137 credits is a must and 10 credits is choice. It is different with English Literature in Indonesia University of Education (UPI). The students of English Literature in UPI should take 146 credits, less 1 credit than English Student in Sanata Dharma. The curriculum of English Literature in Sanata Dharma is planned 8 semesters which the study time maximal is 14 semesters. The session for final paper to get degree is open for public. I think it is different with English Literature in UPI, the session for final paper is closed for public. Actually, I do not know exactly because I never heard that the session for final paper is open for public or not, maybe I am wrong.
Besides, there is student community in English Literature Sanata Dharma. They are English Debate Society, Movie club, Literature Media, ‘Panggung Boneka’ and sport community. The uniqueness or the focus of English Literature Sanata Dharma is journalism and interpreting. I do not know what the focus of English Literature in UPI is. Maybe translating and interpreting.
The other differences with between English Literature in Sanata Dharma and English in UPI are the subjects. Some subjects are different such as journalism and interpreting. In English Literature Sanata Dharma, there are two subject of Journalism, Journalism I and II. And also the subject writing, there are 6 subjects of Writing, they are: Writing I focus on fluency and accuracy; Writing II focus on paragraph development; Writing III focus on stylistic; Writing IV focus on essay writing; Writing V focus on creative writing; and Writing focus on proposal writing VI. Meanwhile, in English Literature UPI there is no subject Journalism and the subject Writing just 3, they are Writing for General Communication, Writing in Professional Context and Writing for Academic Purpose. Besides, English Literature of Sanata Dharma has not the measurement to know the skill of students while in English Literature in UPI has Exit Level which should taken by students in the forth semester.
Another interesting difference I have got from the English student of Sanata Dharma is that the lecturer must give back the answer sheet to the students according the schedule. So, the students and the lectures have a must, the students should follow the exam and the answer sheet of the students should given back by the lectures. I think it is interesting because in English Literature of UPI has not a rule like that.
However, the comfortable place which I visited in Sanata Dharma is the library. It is the good and the neat library I ever seen. The books are arranged neat according to the topic, number, and types of book. The library is very clean, calm, and full Air Conditioner (AC). The library also completed by search engine. If we want to find a book, we just use the search engine. We can type the title of the book, the author, ISBN, etc. Besides, there is also the heritage books which given by the three professor in Sanata Dharma.
That is all the information which I can report from the study tour to Yogyakarta, 8th-11th December 2010. I hope the information that I got can use by English Literature in UPI or Library in UPI to make the better.


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