Attitude to A Miss

Attitude to A Miss
By Vladimir Mayakovsky
That night was to decide
if she and I
were to be lovers.
Under cover
of darkness
no one would see, you see.
I bent over her, it’s the truth,
and as I did,
it’s the truth, I swear it,
I said
like a kindly parent:
“Passion’s a precipice –
so won’t you please
move away?
Move away,

From the title, I see that this poem tells us about a man who wants to show his attitude when he meet a girl. ‘Miss’ in the title means girl, I guess. If I glance over, the meaning of the poem is easy to understand. However, it is hard. Actually, the poet uses the simple phrases but some phrases are unfamiliar. Like “passion’s a precipice”, I can’t guess what the meaning is. I think that is defamiliarization concept. Vladimir Mayakovsky is one of the Russian formalists, so he creates a poem base on Russian formalism technique, I guess. One of the techniques is defamiliarization. Besides, the meaning of phrase ‘move away’ and ‘Move away’ is different, I think. ‘move away’ means go out and never come back, ‘Move away’, means died or go to hell.


One thought on “Attitude to A Miss

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