They are same like Us

In Flowers for Algernon, Daniel Keyes tells about a man who has retarded mental. The name of the man is Charlie Gordon. In my opinion, this short story deals with ignorance of a man but he is happy with it. Actually, Charlie Gordon is a mentally retarded man 37 years old with an IQ sixty eight. He is struggle man and he happy with his condition. He also works as a janitor in Donner’s Bakery. Although he is a retarded mental man, he is unusually motivated. He takes night school classes at the Beekman University Center for Retarded Adults. His teacher, Alice Kinnian recommended him became a volunteer of the project of scientists. Before Charlie undergoes a surgery, he is assigned by Professor Nemur and Dr. Strauss to write progress reports. After that he also writes progress reports too. However, after the surgery he was changed. He feels that he is not like he before.
Actually, Charlie said to Miss Kinnian that he want to be smart. Then, Miss Kinnian told him that Professor Nemur and Dr. Strauss can make him smart. So he volunteered himself become an object of that scientists. The scientists also assign Charlie to make progress reports. In the hospital, the scientists compared him with a white mouse, named Algernon. The scientists make a race between Charlie and Algernon and the winner is always Algernon. Both of Charlie and Algernon undergo the surgery. However, after the surgery, Algernon died, Charlie is not.
In my opinion, from the progress reports we can see the character of Charlie. Before the surgery, his write is bad. He can’t write or spell some words well such as ‘should’ become ‘shud’, ‘write’ become ‘rite’, ‘scared’ become ‘scared’ etc. However, after the surgery, he becomes smart. His write and spell is excellent.
Besides, the character of Charlie also changes after the surgery. Before the surgery, he assumed that he is idiot and other people are smart. He also low profile and his work friends treat him like a stupid man. After the surgery, he becomes a critical person, sensitive, smart and genius. However, the effect of after surgery is worse. He is fired from his job because he is too genius. And other people look him like a crazy man. He was sad then he becomes unkind. At the end, his condition is worse than before the surgery.
In my opinion, this short story teach us how to treat other people especially they who are retarded mental. Sometimes, we feel that they unimportant to us but we should realize that they also have heart. We should respect them and treat them well. I think become Charlie before the surgery is nice because he can experience life with happiness. Other morals I can get from this short story are be yourself and always give thanks to our Creator.


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