It’s also my assignment 🙂
Reader Response about “It Wasn’t Me”

It Wasn’t Me short story by Jan Mark tells about the story of a girl named Ronda who wants to help her mother to be a housemaid as long as her mother got ill. Ronda’s mother works in Chloe Vernon’s house as a housemaid. When she got ill, Ronda changes her to be a housemaid there. The instructions that received by Ronda are sometimes from the message that Chloe Vernon put in the kitchen. Then, Ronda experiences her job as housemaid and she also amaze to Chloe Vernon. She imagines if she is a Chloe Vernon till she realized that she is not Chloe Vernon. In this story, Ronda is heterodiegetic narrator or the third omniscient and the character-focalizer.

For the first, Ronda is heterodiegetic narrator. Narrative voice was always about someone speaks (Genette). Heterodiegetic narrator is a kind of narrative voice. Heterodiegetic narrator is narrative voice as third omniscient. Related to that theory, Ronda, here, is heterodiegetic narrator because her point of view is the third person. We can see in the line 3 “Ronda tried to guess. In her view there was very little that Chloe…” Another example is in the ninth paragraph “Ronda poured the tea and passed Muma mug.” This is also shows that Ronda here is the third omniscient. The second, Ronda is character-focalizer.

Focalization was always someone sees. It is shown by perceptual verbs such as “I looked”, “she saw”, and “he heard”, et cetera and the use of verbs indicating cognitive process like “She thought” and so on (Genette). In my opinion, here, Ronda becomes a focalizer especially character-focalizer because it have the same level as the character. We can see in the sentences “Ronda looked round the kitchen”, “Ronda saw that, in its way, Chloe’s work was as extensive as her own”, and “Ronda listened for the bell to ring”. From those sentences, we can see that Ronda is a focalizer because she is a third person narrator and the character of Ronda was seen through the eyes of the character. There is also narrator shift in this story. Narrator shift happen when there is a shift between (narrated) direct speech or thought and (character focalized) free indirect of free direct speech or thought. We can see that in the shift of 10th and 11th paragraph. In 10th paragraph, “I wouldn’t put it past her…” That is direct speech or thought while in the 11th paragraph, “Ronda looked round the kitchen…” is free indirect speech or thought.

To sum up, this story consists of narrative voice and focalization and also the narrator shift. Honestly, when I read this story for the first time, I am confused because the point of view is hard to find.


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