Synergy between Government, Business and Academic to Make Indonesia More Competitive Globally

Regarding to attain Bogor’s goals, APEC CEO Summit 2013 organized by APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC)  is going to be held on October 5-7 in Bali, Indonesia. This is a great opportunity for Indonesian especially young generation to be involved in enhancing Indonesia’s economy and to make Indonesia more competitive globally.

To make a country to be more competitive globally, the economic pillar must be better. According to Business Insider, the essential economic pillars are institutions, infrastructure, macroeconomics, health and primary education, goods and market efficiency, higher education and training, labor market efficiency, technological readiness, financial market development, market size, business sophistication, and innovation.

Indonesia as a developing country, which is the largest economy in ASEAN will be the new growth center in Asia-Pacific. However, there are some barriers that might inhibit the goals. The barriers are such as the high price of resources, fluctuation, government’s intervention and the low economic growth in OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) because of demography and debt factors. Indonesia itself is still trapped in two economic theories: economic industry, which is laborer-centered and post economic industry, which is technology-centered.

To reach the goals, of course, the barriers have to be coped. The synergy between government, business and academic has to be increased in order to make Indonesia as the center of economy in Asia-Pacific. The government, business and academic must work together.

One of the ways is increasing Small Medium Enterprises (SME). The government plays role as enabler, which functions as facilities and infrastructure provider. The government can facilitate entrepreneurs to increase their enterprises. Business such as investors plays role as funder or gives loans to entrepreneurs. While academic like university, evokes entrepreneurship, productivity, and innovation among the young Indonesia generation.

ABAC can also play role in enhancing Indonesia economy. ABAC can do “sharing knowledge” to young entrepreneurs and do networking. Sharing knowledge for example can be how to be innovative and how to use technology well to make labor market more efficient. ABAC as an advisory council of APEC also can help entrepreneurs to promote goods and services that are produced by small medium enterprises (SME).

To conclude, every people especially the young generation must utilize the momentum APEC Summit 2013 to make Indonesia more competitive globally particularly in Asia-Pacific region.



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