Sandy and the Black Box


There was a family who lived in an old village. The family consists of a father, a mother, a son and a daughter. The daughter’s name is Sandy. One day, in rainy and stormy night, all family members went to a party except Sandy. She chose to stay at home. She enjoyed her leisure time by reading a book in her lovely bed. Out of the blue, the light turned off and the storm was getting louder. Sandy got up and tried to find a candle. Then, somebody vaguely knocked their front door. The knocking becomes louder and louder. Sandy tried to reach the door. When she opened the door, she found a big black box in front of the door but nobody was there. She came to box and sat on there. Suddenly, someone grabbed her left shoulder from back side. She got shocked but she knew that man, he’s her neighbor.

Without saying anything, the man opened the box and held Sandy’s hand entered the box. Surprisingly, there was a tunnel inside the black box. It was very dark. But, they walked through the tunnel and finally found a light. At the end of the tunnel, it was so bright and fresh. Then, they realized that they were in the middle of the forest. At there, there was a tree house with opened door. The man still held her hand and tried to reach the house. However, there was a pond in front of them. In the edge of the pond, a white tiger bustled around. Sandy and the man wanted to across the pond but they were afraid of that ruthless animal. Yet, they still tried to reach another side of the pond.

Magically, when they come close, the wild tiger became tame. Without fear, they went in a rush, jumped into the pond and walked till reach the edge. They were happy at first because a white horse has been waiting for them at the edge. But, when they were close to the edge, a poisonous snake crawled. Sandy was very afraid but the man pulled out his sword and started battling with the snake. He still held Sandy’s right hand and tried to come near to the edge. Finally, he could murder the snake and hold the horse.

Out of the blue, the white horse ran away. Sandy and the man were shocked but they knew it was because a giant animal named Tyrex came nearer. Sandy and the man also ran away, they were hunted by Tyrex. The man felt delightful when he saw a cave. So, he tried to run fast. Almost reaching the cave, Sandy fell and fainted. The man carried her into the cave.

 Sandy heard that somebody has knocked her house’s door. When she opened her eyes, she was in her bed and saw a black box in her room. She thought that she has a bad dream but she still curious why the black box was there. She decided to open the door and she felt happy because it was her family. Like usual, Sandy told her dream to her family. The situation was calm and delightful again at the time.

 In the middle of their joyous time, they heard some voices from the outside. The voices were scary, noisy and loud. Sandy’s father intended to look for what was happening. He was really shocked that it was a bad storm. He ran quickly and shouted to his family to come inside a bunker near Sandy’s room. But, the storm came so rapid. The family was inside the bunker except Sandy’s father. Sandy tried to find her father, she opened the bunker, ran and shouted loudly but she could not find her father. Sandy’s mother caught her and forced her to enter the bunker. She cried sadly and loudly because she did not want to lose her father. She fell and fainted again.

When Sandy opened her eyes, her family was there and they were happy because that day was her 17th birthday. The family made surprising party for Sandy. And she looked at a black box near her bed. That was a present from her family.

 They celebrated her birthday joyfully. There were also Sandy’s friends include the man in her dream at the party. But Sandy did not enjoy the party because she did not see her father yet. She tried but she could not find. The people at the party asked her to open the black box. Firstly, she refused but she opened it too because her mother ask her softly. Ploddingly, she opened the box and out of the blue, somebody popped up. He was a magician. Sandy asked the magician to find her dad. The magician fulfilled the wish. Sandy saw her father. When she intended to hug him, she fell and fainted again.

 Sandy opened her eyes and nothing happened except the black box.


*This story is originally told by Bg Hans, Yoshua, Ririn, Pirton, Bg Evan and me at OH English Club 🙂


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