From Tasteless to Tasteful

Water into wine

Every Wednesday, my friends (most of them are my workmates) and I have Bible study led by Dr. Kim and his wife, Dr. Lee. They are Korean and both of them teach at an international school in Cikarang. Dr. Kim, a missionary, teaches Korean Language while Dr. Lee teaches Math. I am going to share what I have learned from our Bible study last week (30/9/2015). We studied John 2:1-11, it is about Jesus’ first ministry in His life.

There was a Jew wedding party in Cana, Galilee. At the time, if they celebrated a wedding party, it was usually seven days. The bridegroom had to prepare the best things such as place, food and drink to greet the guests. For drink, they generally served the best wine. Jesus came to the party on the third day. I did not know exactly how He got there. Perhaps, His mother, Maria was invited by the owner of the party and she asked Jesus to come in (we were not sure when we discussed it). It was the first week of Jesus’ ministry. Jesus is a light, so He has to do His work to serve sinful people. He started His ministry.

However, a problem arose. The wine was gone while the party was still on. It could embarrass the host and they could be humiliated by the guests. Maria told Jesus about that problem. But, Jesus responded it a little bit impolite (according to our perspective, see v.4). He said that His time has not come yet. Jesus realized that He is responsible to God, He works with His father. Even though Maria was answered impolitely by Jesus, she still told the servants to do what Jesus said. This shows us about Maria’s faith. She fully trusts Jesus. When she has problem, she came to Jesus even when she was rejected. It means that we have to put Jesus at first in every situation in our life. Go to Jesus first, pray to Him even when we feel rejected.

Finally, Jesus started His ministry. He asked the servants to fill six stone jars with washing water. These jars can hold twenty to thirty gallons, can you think how much the water? It will be so much water. The servants filled it fully. Then, Jesus asked them to bring it to the master of the banquet. And then, he said that was a great wine ever. Usually, the host will serve the best wine at the beginning of the party and serve the cheaper at the last. And the bridegroom was so joyful even though he did not know where the wine came from. Jesus changed the tasteless water into the tasteful one. This miracle revealed Jesus’ glory and his disciples believed in Him.

I can learn many things from this passage. First, the servants who obeyed Jesus. They did not know the purpose of Jesus’ command but they did it. They believed in Him. Sometimes, I disobeyed God. I did what I want not His. It enlightens me that just do what Jesus asks you to do. Pray, bring your life to Him first. Second, Jesus made the miracle. The real miracle is when we participate in God’s work. So, participate in His work and you will feel miracle. It can be a servant in church, school or workplaces.

The last, Jesus changed water to wine. We are tasteless until we meet Jesus. He changes us from tasteless to tasteful. When we have Jesus, we will be tasty. We will be a blessing to others. We will be useful. He gives us life. But, sin makes our party will be ruined. We are going to hell and no party there. But. Because of Jesus’ blood, we are saved. We can enjoy the real party when we are called to eternal home. Do you want to be tasteless or tasteful? If you feel tasteless now, come to Jesus. Pray, He will listen. Ask, He will answer. Trust Him and you’ll be saved.

Soli Deo Gloria!


One thought on “From Tasteless to Tasteful

  1. William Kim December 6, 2015 / 5:57 pm

    Thank you so much writing the beautiful Bible testimony. I wish I could do the God’s word sharing work with you. I like the way you see Jesus’ beauty. And I like the verse Matthew 6:33. I like to have a chance to talk with you about that personally sooner or later. So long! Dr. Kim

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