Seek Him first!

This is my second testimony. Actually, I want to write testimony right after Bible study but it seems hard because of my crazy activity lately. I am struggling with that. I hope I can do it for the next time.

Few weeks ago, there were so many unkind things happened especially to Dr. Kim and Dr. Lee. They got car and motorcycle accident, Dr. Kim had a stone in his kidney and Dr. Lee felt something wrong in her stomach. But, thankfully, God still leads them and shows His love for them. They are recovered now. I also lost some charity money from my classroom and some of my students gossiped that I stole the money. I was so stressful at that time. But, again, thankfully, God still shows His mercy. So, last week, we had Bible Study. This is what I can learn.

After Jesus talked with a Samaritan woman, she finally accepted God and believed Him. She believed that Jesus is the Savior of the World. Then, Jesus’ disciples returned from town buying food. They were shocked because Jesus broke the rules. He talked with a Samaritan woman. At that time, they were not allowed to talk to Samaritans.

The disciples urged Jesus to eat something but He rejected it. He said that His food is different. It means that He talked about spiritual food not the physical one. I, before met Jesus, mostly think about the earthly thingy. I did everything without asking God first about His plans to me. I did what I want to do not His. I spent my time to think about myself not God’s word. I also thought how to make me happy not God. If I can make God happy, I’ll be happy because only God can satisfy human. It is God who provides the living water and the eternal food. Many great people died because their souls were not happy. But, now I am strengthened to seek what God’s will in my life. Only He can make a joyful heart in my life. So, I have to put Him first in my life and think about the spiritual food. I have to think the eternal life not the earthly life.

Next, Jesus also talked about the sower and the reaper. Many Samaritans wanted to meet directly after they heard about Jesus. They wanted to meet Jesus personally. How did they know Jesus if someone did not tell about Him? So, as a believer, I have to spread the God’s Word to many people so they can taste the living water personally.

So, Jesus Himself is the one who can change your life. You never taste the living water unless you meet Him personally. Seek Him first and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you (Matthew 6:33).


Soli Deo Gloria


One thought on “Seek Him first!

  1. William Kim December 6, 2015 / 6:06 pm


    Thank you for writing the Bible Testimony. I like the way you saw our Lord Jesus who had another food that is different from many of us. I like also Matthew 6:33. I wish I could talk about the verse with you later very personally. I like to serve God with you in sharing his Word with many others particularly on a college campus. See you around! Dr. Kim

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